Game overview of the game “Plants vs. Zombies”

Bring my apology for the year of release of the game, not exactly for him, but for the fact that the article about the game 2009 was published on the website of the “Old games”. Rare game is one whose graduation year is not later than December 31, 2003 (at least, that’s the chronological framework at the time of 2013). Though there were many violations of this rule, for example, with a dozen games of 2004, but agree that 2009 is too much. But his reasons and the cockroaches. To be honest, just felt an urge to write about the game that struck me in all criteria, to the tip of the mouse.

“Plants vs. Zombies” — game with a strange name, but unique, memorable name is the first step to a masterpiece. Plus, in three words the story of the game is named is clear to the players. The plot is idiotic, in the best sense of the word, and you shoot a movie. Bad reviews about “Plants vs Zombies” are rare, about one in six billion. And even then, the player downloaded the wrong game! Seriously, the game is really loved by many players worldwide, then load the second factor “All genius is simple”. A good game to kill a couple hours at an excellent couple of days, and this masterpiece is not sorry to kill the whole week. For one thing, the monotony of the action (not trying developers diversified process) may soon get bored, so sometimes you need to do a break. The main objective of the game is to fend off hordes of zombies, who prowl in search of big and tasty brains. But just so we’re not caught without a fight. The most effective way from a zombie Apocalypse would be armed to the teeth with the guys, but no, it’s a plant. The last place that is not captured by rotten living corpses, remains our front of the house, it is going to grow martial plants. First, this idea may be stupid, but the game is another second-rate arcade, but the first opinion is wrong. If the game was delayed for ten minutes, and it will delay for a week, and will soon be the perfect time killer.

To determine the genre of “Plants vs Zombies” difficult, there is such a thing as a subgenre of “Tower defence”. And the game belongs to the genre of strategy/arcade game. Quality games of this type (Tower Defence) also difficult to determine the genre of toys. Start our sado-garden game with sundecks, divided into squares, on which we placed the plants. With the right choice of green spaces, no zombie is not terrible. But still, zombies can Wade through the plants and reach the end. The developers have calculated such a course of events, so put a lawn mower killing zombies. Everyone has the right to be wrong.

At first slots to use the plants only six, you need to choose the best strategy to achieve a certain goal.

Lots can be increased by purchasing in store at “Crazy Dave”. He is a person very interesting and very crazy. To develop the tactics ranged attacks, planting peas. For growing plants require a certain amount of “sun” produced by special types of plants, the first option is the sunflower. And on a Sunny day, “sun” fall from the sky. To collect the resource, simply direct the cursor on it and click on the mouse. Zombies are too different, they differ in: speed of movement, the possibilities of overcoming different obstacles, protection from different types of attacks and finally, in appearance. If there is a minds confusion, you can always turn to the “almanac gardener” which gets the player in the levels of the second stage. The action of the main game, takes place in three locations: on the front lawn, in the backyard and on the roof. The backyard is a swimming pool, which can grow more types of plants. The roof slope is different, not allowing to use shooting straight plants on the roof slope. In addition, to attack zombies can at any time of day, day and night, and in fog, which affects the set is available for use by plants.

PopCap Games has created not only a toy for the casual audience, but also for a vast range of players. Fans of RTS, will be able to find in Plants vs. Zombies rich strategic component, and otochennye balance. And crazy players can find a great story and a fun neighbor. During the passage of the main plot, the main menu will open, and various extras. A set of more diverse: here and the bowling alley to throw nuts at zombies, and mode “Survival” where you need to handle all the waves of reanimated corpses. In one game, even will give the management an army of zombies, to understand what they are going through on the other side of the attack. For fans to grow the game there is a private garden for growing plants. You have to watch them, to deal with watering and fertilizer. Gradually becomes available, “the Tree of Wisdom,”hinting to the player. And in shop “Crazy Dave” sold upgrades for the standard plants, additional slots, even its own aquarium and whatnot. Free you, of course, no one will. Therefore it is necessary not to forget to pick up coins falling from the bravely fallen zombies and pass mini-games, which provide for a decent fee.

A few interesting facts and “Easter eggs” that occur during the game:

* In the achievements, the version of “Game of the Year Edition”, if you scroll all the way down, you will see the things and characters from other games PopCap Games, and at the very bottom will be a zombie-the Chinese. * If the main menu click on the flowers in the second vase, the one her petal will fly away and the second will fall. Similarly, in the third vase — fly away one petal. * In the trunk of a car, Crazy Dave has a box with the inscription “War and peas”. This is a reference to the book of Leo Tolstoy “War and peace”. And there you can find the green worm from the game “Bookworm”. * At the level of 5-10 when Crazy Dave is trying to say with the help of which you can defeat the Zombie Boss, while his chatter can be heard: “Press up, up, down, down, left, right…”. This is the famous Konami Code. * On the roof you will notice the clouds in the form of brains, and the garden head zombies. References to the game were in games like: “World of Warcraft”, “Left 4 Dead 2, The Sims 3: Supernatural”. In the TV series “Voronin”, “Supernatural” and “True Blood”, and in the transfer of KVN 2011.

In the game there are codes: * “future” — in the eyes of the zombies appear futuristic glasses. * “mustache” — the zombies appear mustache * “sukhbir” — changes scream zombie * “trickedout” — changes the appearance of the lawn mower * “daisies” — at the place where zombies grow little daisies (Tree of wisdom must be higher than 100 feet) * “dance” zombie dance on the move (the Tree of wisdom should be above 500 feet) * “pinata” — of the dead zombies poured candy (the Tree of wisdom should be above 1000 feet). * “sandal” — zombies appear ridiculous clown shoes (the Tree of wisdom should be above 2000 feet).

You need another player to be happy? This game has everything: crazy friend, humor, fun story and acceptable graphics. Also the game weighs very little, about 60 MB. and does not require a powerful computer. Yes, and even “Plants vs Zombies” is strong just in time.

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