Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation – Review

The neighbor had hastily Packed to escape from hell, which he staged woody. “That’s what to me?” — flashed the thought in bald head neighbor. The route planned for the holidays: India, China, Mexico Sunny beaches, relaxation, sea. Gorgeous! More recently, the whole country saw how woody made fun of him, and now it’s over. Even the neighbor should be rest, go! Discarding all thoughts, Mr. Rottweiler took the suitcases into the chubby hands and left the apartment. But unless woody can still write like this?.. neighbours-from-hell-2

“Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation” — the sequel to grown fond of the game known in the CIS member States, called “neighbours from hell”. And the last game from JoWooD Entertainment. Later the game released with the name “How to get” from other developers was a weak parody of the first two parts, let’s be honest. After traversing the first game, I was a small hunger, a desire to play again and again but in something new. Of course and good impressions how many times the neighbor fell from the chair after a successfully filed us leg. Need something new! A year after the events in the first part, in Europe, the gaming market comes the second part of the beloved game. It is still the same colorful and humorous, for which you can rest another hour. Unlike the first part, the way we begin not with the usual selection menu of the series, with card, with a clearly planned route of rest of the neighbor. The map shows first only one series of “All aboard!”, with her and begin to leave. The level will introduce us to a brief digression of our “trips” that you can do, and what not to do, but if you want… Like in the first part we were warmly greeted by the Director Joe, now not only in a cozy apartment Rottweilers, and on a cruise ship. Here and went innovations! 1. Sometimes in the series roomie will sleep and, of course, will not be able to see woody. At this time, a portrait of a neighbor (in the lower left corner) will be lit green. At least in the first series and show the sleeping neighbor, we’ll tell the text from Joe. 2. We can see the coins for each successfully done the nasty to get one of these Golden things. For well-passing level, with the neighbor brought to a boil, and issued another figurine. 3. Woody level is allocated three lives, the neighbor will have a hard time beating a good sense of humor. But it will allow you to play longer after a bad tactical blunder, and not to restart the level. 4. Mini-game is a bit complicated process that takes time, which is money! For example, to open something with a hairpin or to relieve the table legs from the saw. The player’s task is to keep the subject in the center of the target. To do this, you need to move the cursor in the opposite direction to the movement of the object. Green color will show, how well do you do it. If the green indicator will come to naught, it means you have failed, and a neighbor ran to see what had happened. Mini-game can be interrupted by pressing the right mouse button. 5. Chain of life — example given on the spot. Mylim a place where a neighbor slips on a puddle and remove the access door in the fencing of the deck. Having slipped, the neighbor comically crashes with the ship into the cold water to meet the fish.

And here comes the neighbor *loud applause, which fades into a standing ovation*. Practically has not changed, my dear. Only tooth now sparkles with gold, apparently pasted instead broken when he fell from the ladder in the first game. The neighbor covered in gold, it needs to look the part: and the Golden chain, and a chic watch on his right hand. On the neighbor (much to indecency) fitted through the hips and leopard print bottoms. White stripes from shirts and shorts, which prevented sunburn, decorate the abdomen and legs of Mr. Rottweiler. Of the last part left only pink hotel Slippers, no doubt as a super-glue. And the two hairs that roomie licked, that will appeal to the lady of his heart Olga. About this person a little more detail. She’s a tourist like the Rottweiler, they met on a cruise ship in the first episode “Hell of a Vacation.” The neighbor fell in love at first sight, Olga, it seems, too, only rice, standing on the table. It’d be perfect for the neighbor, then commercials, then try on a sailor’s cap, leaning on the table. And the girl in any — it is and play the one-hundredth spoon from the plate. They would have made a great couple. Olga is more like king Kong than a lady, a neighbor of the same problem. But woody will prevent this, for each neighbor a miss (that’s how littered the table) she will mercilessly bash a Rottweiler, well he’s woody. Yes, love is evil… Thank the developers, although Olga does not cause any harm to the poor Joker! The ship comes to China. I wonder how the neighbor will be able to climb over the Great Wall of China for the sake of his new love? In a series of “hidden presence” we learn more about Mr. sweetheart of a Rottweiler, it turns out that she has a son. This playful dark-haired boy, whose submarine on the management of the frightened neighbor. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because shark fin attached? You need to think! After the events in China, in a series of “spot”, comes the mother Rottweiler. Apparently a neighbor angered by the actions of woody, managed to write her a letter more, so Hello, mother, New year! Yes, and the dog on the ship? Mom is an exact copy of the son, well, more accurately, Vice versa. If a neighbor painted lips and wearing a bikini in sixth size, it will look either ugly or mother. And love the pink sneakers they have, it seems, is transmitted genetically. Though the pink checkered one-piece thrust was not transferred! At this level, the mother poses little risk to woody, though, and can rise from the chair and smack kicks. But son, she was also brought up in severity, after every misstep she is going to wail on the priest. In the same series will show and where to hide, places it’s time to change, already have one spacious wardrobe.

The trip to India was unforgettable the same as in China. Of course how can you forget how you got bitten by a crab or poured water in response to the elephant, or the “bearded” joke about a hedgehog on the bed. Mexico even more pleased, but not neighbor, and a good sense of humor woody and invisible spectators, salivatsiya with laughter after each successful draw. “I don’t need another vacation!” thought the neighbor coming home. Exhausted it active, and with the girl holiday romance did not. How this story ended nobody knows, the official continuation of the world did not get to see. Maybe for the better, both sides is worthy of the gold statuette, only the player is left “hungry”… This topic can only dream. Mr. Rottweiler’s mom went to his home. Woody, thinking that with enough of it shots, opened a resort business. No, it was not so! The neighbor got a job, woody will be ashamed of him in the vast offices and classrooms. But that’s another story!

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