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Top-20 games on Nintendo GameCube

Game console NGC appeared at a time when producing games has gone up dramatically. I should add that it was a quality game, like GTA: San Andreas, which sold 19 million (as of April 30, 2008) on Sony PS2. GameCube is also not lagging behind in terms of what you can see below. First, it was assumed that this would be the Top 10 games on GC, but slowly it moved into the Top 20. But honestly, I think this is not enough. But if 50… Ask for forgiveness from the reader if our opinions do not coincide! Pleasant viewing! 25-Best-Gamecube-Games1

20. Battalion Wars Starting our top game-patriot – Battalion Wars.

Patriotism is that a GC it is not the platform on which never came out. Battalion Wars combines action and tactical real-time strategy...

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