Review of the game “Castlevania”, version NES

The hundred years peace reigned in Transilvania, bloody tyrant Count Dracula has fallen! Finally people can breathe a sigh of relief, the hero Christopher Belmont destroying the bloodsucker in 1591, worthy of fame and respect, and, of course, a good purse full of gold. But all is not well, do you think people in Romania, in a hundred years soulless body once again became a bloodsucker. It was silly to hope that his terrible Count Dracula is gone forever! To continue the family business going is a descendant of Simon Belmont. The weapon he takes, too generic, whip “Vampire Killer”, but is able to post a couple fans to chew on the neck.

The output of the “Castlevania” produced a bombshell. Players NES, accustomed to Pacman and tank battle, deeply fond of this bloody action. But otherwise, the first minutes of the game is simply amazing in its scale. Projects of this scale always win the hearts of the players and the cartridge is overwritten to the holes. The music also fits, great and terrible “Castlevania” trying to scare the player from the first minute: gloomy graphics, organ music, which, as it emphasizes an atmosphere of horror movies, but it is in any case not off-putting! The variety of enemies is also amazing, it’s all sorts of zombies, skeletons, crows and flying heads, the list is not even going to end…

At the end of each level we will have a boss fight which is a separate event. Here is the reverse side of the coin, as these enemies will have to fight us and no one else. Monsters will take not as quality as quantity. But if you get used to the intricacies of the game – it’s meat in the walls, hearts in torches and enemies out of nowhere, it is possible to save your nerves and a couple of lives (game of course). But the game will go only in units, not in vain the saying goes: “an Old game to make room for it, it just becomes more difficult until, until you lose.” The whip – the main weapon of Simon Belmont, but the corners of the Ducal castle you can find bonuses from weapons upgrade. Also, there is a choice between an additional weapon that helps sometimes is more of a whip.

The castle that you want to crawl a very bad and insidious as its owner. Go minimal flaws of the game — also the height of heroism: for example, Belmont might not jump over a pit and lose a life. But if you overlook these minor drawbacks, the game becomes an 8-bit masterpiece. Passed “all circles of a hell” (floors castle), we find ourselves on the toughest boss in the game is death, after all the battle with death in real life is quite interesting. But no, the developer, and then tried and made the boss more difficult is Count Dracula, the main goal of our wanderings in the castle. In the end Simon Belmont killing Dracula fought first with himself and then with his Ghost. But think about the total death count is stupid, he will rise again! And you will die, Yes you, exactly YOU, the man who killed Dracula!

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