Review of the game “Star Wars: Episode I Racer”

Once, long ago, in a distant Galaxy has been raging…

Apparently, the engines raging. Luke Skiaker dissecting along the routes of the Empire, and somewhere in the distance Darth Vader fined for speeding. Although this is not true, who can be fined?

In the ‘ 70s, the film had the effect of razoaveis bombs, leaving a trail for subsequent years. How many products are left in the world under the brand name “Star wars” figures, different appliances, clothing, dishes, video games. Some games were much! What I want the genre and on any platform. Arcade directly predictable, the strategy can also be expected, but the race… As you can imagine Chewbacca, riding a speed of 500 km/h?

Cosmic fireballs, frankly, look quite unusual (strange). It’s like they collected from space debris, in some places, tied with a plasma or metal ropes. It is unclear how these hulks are accelerated to escape velocity and easily overcome various obstacles. It is still unclear how to cope with the management of poor boy, I’m talking about Anakena of Kyocera. But it’s the only small flaws of the authors, which eventually completely invisible.

In the beginning the player will show the movie that is worthy of some applause. It shows the famous racing scene on the planet Tatooine. Sandy, the planet has always had a large number of spectators who wanted to watch. Space fireballs at the start, nobody is going to surrender, they will fight to the last. All of the movie copied to the accuracy, feel the effort of developers. You will interfere, you will knock, you will overtake, but even do not think about losing. No one will help you, the only thing you can count on our own strength. There are no judges who disqualifiziert your opponent for unsportsmanlike conduct. The only existing rule that there are no rules. It makes the game a complete meat grinder!

On one of the 8 planets has a track that you want to run. But do not forget that each of the tracks unlike any other. Each planet has its own nature, and on each of the routes — their traps. You will compete not only with bloodthirsty rivals, but with traps trails. The carve-up of the prize is also simple, if you come first to receive the prize Fund, come to one of the last scrap that was once called space ship. The money of the winner, we can buy a variety of equipment for your car. Here, the developers were drawn to the smallest detail. Especially cute look astromechanics droids repair your ship. Riders like planets in this game a lot, it’s a zoo, for which we do not cease to praise the developers of the game. After all, everyone is nicer to choose a character to your taste. Honest characters there are few, they have cursed space mats in the trail and hit the side of the car as it should.

Again, rendering the game is done smartly, the sound is also not far behind. Especially, the game should appeal to fans of stereo films. The track can Dodge in any direction, at any moment in your monitor can fly a huge boulder. Anyway, very exciting game, where you could easily kill a few hours or even a couple of days.

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