Top-20 games on Nintendo GameCube

Game console NGC appeared at a time when producing games has gone up dramatically. I should add that it was a quality game, like GTA: San Andreas, which sold 19 million (as of April 30, 2008) on Sony PS2. GameCube is also not lagging behind in terms of what you can see below. First, it was assumed that this would be the Top 10 games on GC, but slowly it moved into the Top 20. But honestly, I think this is not enough. But if 50… Ask for forgiveness from the reader if our opinions do not coincide! Pleasant viewing! 25-Best-Gamecube-Games1

20. Battalion Wars Starting our top game-patriot – Battalion Wars.

Patriotism is that a GC it is not the platform on which never came out. Battalion Wars combines action and tactical real-time strategy. After selecting the belligerents, the player is introduced in the midst of battle with an army consisting of infantry, tanks and aircraft. Separate groups can be formed, you need to attack the same opponent’s army. The aim of the game is to tactically outsmart the opponent and win not only the battle, but the whole military campaign. “Battalion Wars” among critics got a pretty high rating of 4 out of 5. And has received acclaim from casual gamers, which ultimately motivated the development of the second part. Yes, whether a game of Napoleon Bonaparte I, the world would not have the great commander!

19. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario, I’m sorry for you that you just did and in what way you appeared! Was and tennis player and runner and doctor, and children of Italian taught… In this game, which came at the nineteenth place, the Italian travels in the paper world. The game starts with the introduction in the seaside town which was damaged by a cataclysm and consequently sunk into the depths of the earth. Princess Peach bought a treasure map and went to the city Report and disappeared. Mario will now try to find her! Liked the game gamers in addition to the history due to combining 2D and 3D graphics, which 2D objects look like paper. The second part of the Paper Mario though received fairly high ratings, remained in the shadow of the first game. Therefore, it is only a nineteenth place. Furthermore!

18. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

The game “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem” a bit unlucky with the platform. As many critics have recorded the Nintendo GameCube in the outsiders, the game has not received enough attention. But in vain, she is beautiful and can scare to this day, even the most spoiled gamer graphics. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem mocked his player as he wanted, however, as overall characters in the game. At any moment the screen could go out, to appear blue screen “of death”, deleted important save, but after a time everything proceeded from the usual place. Much of the manipulation and made this project a piece of candy. And even after turning off the game she beckons, go again…

17. Gun

When we think about the Wild West, which carry our thoughts? Most likely there where firing, restaurants, clashes, fights and horses, if you were thinking the same thing, then the game Gun exactly meet expectations. Call Gun a parody of a specific movie or book is impossible, it’s sort of a good alloy of everything. Released in 2005 the game had everything you wanted the average gamer. First, a good story, in which there is both love and justice and just shooting. The author is also not someone there, and he Randall Jenson, who wrote the script for the film “the Mask of Zorro”. Secondly, gameplay that is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite GTA. Thirdly, it is the wealth of the world, which has a variety of weapons, treasures of the Mayans, conquistadors, Indians, bandits, Mexicans, scalp, hunting, even here there was a place for a confrontation between the North and West. Verdict — Gun is the most colorful game about the Wild West and if you want to experience all of its charms – buy the game, well, or a time machine.

16. Resident Evil

In the original, which had the name of Biohazard, in fact, released in 1996, the Foundation for which was created long before that. In 1989, Capcom released a game called Sweet Home, in the eponymous film. But since then in Japan this project has not spread, the popularity he has won. Capcom gradually improved and improved game, while in 1996 and came out on the PS Resident Evil, and in 2002 it came to NGC. The story develops around the small town of raccoon city, which began to occur heinous murder. Police reports indicated that the attacks were carried out by groups of about ten people, and the victims were eaten. First, the investigation goes the team “Bravo”, which soon lost contact. After that in search of them send the command “alpha”. Combing the forest, the team finds the remains of one of the members of the “Bravo”, and after they are attacked by monstrous dogs. Fleeing from the dogs, they find a strange house and go there, the door by accident is not locked. As in Sweet Home, the player has a couple of characters and the goal is to get out of the strange mansion. Because of the unconventional gameplay and interesting story, it became the most successful project from Capcom, and the NGC has sold 1.35 million copies.

15. Donkey Konga

The fifteenth place is occupied by another game featuring a character world of Mario. The famous game has become one of the symbols of the GameCube because of the accessory, marching in the kit. More specifically, the special inspector — drums DK Bongos. The controller is a pair of Bongo, connected by a small wall. The player must hit the drums or clap, as the drums built MIC. On the game screen are the symbols that appear on the screen and float right to left, indicate what action the player should do. In the story of Bongo found walking around the beach Diddy and Donkey Kong. They reminded them of the barrel, but some are suspicious and they are taking them to show Cranky Kong, as the more experienced. With this begins the story. At the expense of gameplay added to this series in the games and took the award for “Game Innovation Spotlights”. The correct idea of the developers, each gamer wants to prove that he is the agilest and has good reactions.

14. Luigi’s Mansion

What is so remarkable lived. area brother Mario – Luigi and why she is on the fourteenth place our stamp? Luigi, becoming a member of one of the TV show wins the mansion. The first thing he decided to call my brother and arrange a meeting at this house. In fact, Luigi finds that the castle is “slightly” scary and no Mario either! Armed with a flashlight and vacuum cleaner, Luigi goes on the hunt with the ghosts to break out of their intangible the clutches of his brother. Luigi has always remained in the shadow of his star brother Mario since the first game. But justice prevails even in the world of games. The hero, who is afraid of the dark, slow and clumsy, for brother takes the weapon in hands. During this transformation, the game received a fairly high rating among critics and fourteenth place in the top.

13. Star Wars Rogue Leader

Star Wars has always been popular, and this game was no exception. In this game we will explore the world of Star Wars spaceships and other fighting machines from the. Right from the first mission in the eye catches a great portrayal of the game world and warships in particular, many opponents and a rich list of actions that you can take. You could say that the game is played in one breath, if not for the difficulty levels that have to take place again and again. Star Wars Rogue Leader has received among the critics average score of 9 out of 10, and became a game for which some gamers bought a Nintendo GameCube.

12. Pikmin 2

The second game of the universe Pikmin, became more popular than the first part. A lot has changed, even the management, which became much easier. The story: OLIMAR – a fearless astronaut comes home and finds his company bankrupt. Taking his assistant, Louie, friends should go back to the planet Pikmin and find the treasure. Planet is inhabited by picinae, cute and weird creatures that will help save Hocotate Freight company from bankruptcy. The game received universal approval, gaining an average of 9.5 out of 10 points.

11. Super Mario Sunshine

Everyone loves to relax, soak up the sun and take a dip in the cool water, Super Mario is no exception. But even on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, Mario, in order to rest it, is necessary to work hard and things go differently for him. In order to complete the game, you have to collect 120 stars scattered throughout the island. And only after, Mario will be able to find rest in the shade of palm trees. Help him, Lord!

10. Monster House

Ten top closes the game according to the cartoon “monster House”. Three friends DJ Tolstyak Zapotes and a red-haired girl named Jenny see that house across the street’s been acting pretty weird, are fearfully. Yes, and elderly neighbor Mr. Nebbercracker tells a horror story that in his youth fell in love with a chubby girl – Constance-which for excessive completeness of abused children. Nebbercracker and Constance so I could not live, so they departed into a desert place to build a house. Once kids game with throwing raw chicken eggs, Preveli to the tragedy. Constance, stumbled and accidentally detonated lever mixers and fell into a hole for concrete. From the large covered VAT poured concrete and fills the pit with Constance. At one point, the house is possessed by the spirit of Constance is going crazy and tries to take revenge on all the kids. Three friends embark on an investigation of puzzles, so whether it is. Solving the mystery will bring the boys to the touching story, for which is to sit down for the game.

9. F Zero GX

Nintendo and Sega were never known for his friendship, are direct competitors after all. But for the sake of this game, these two companies merged that critics and normal players met with misunderstanding. But don’t angrily to enter the pen without reading material. But F Zero GX is very good. The player in the role of Captain Hawk goes on a different race track to win in an intergalactic Grand Prix. In the future, racing is the last sport in which the robot can not replace man. And even in spite of great progress, of the track, to be honest, there is not much! There are areas with open fire, mud, mines on the way and to win, to sweat! Take the win you can not only speed, but also the skillful use of weapons. A good Supplement can be safely called – the ability to gather cosmic fireball itself. The game sold a good circulation, was released in the arcade, was nominated in the category as the best console race. But the only aspect that has prevented it from becoming even more popular is the expectation of the players who didn’t believe in friendship between Sega and Nintendo.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In 2003 he published the cartoon “teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the New Adventures”, which was perceived not worse than the 1987 animated series, and the fans have perceived to cheer, after all, was much closer to the comics. The series has interpreted a new story, attracted a new audience, so the developers couldn’t get past this story. In the same year, Konami released the game, the plot seems like a cartoon in the genre of “beat all”. The player had to complete nine stages in which the enemies were selected for the plot. In addition to the interaction with enemies, you can use your surroundings to quickly finish the fight. For example, to blow up a car, near which were the enemies. In competition mode, it was possible to meet in battle with a rare character, for example with Hamato Yoshi, master of Master Splinter. The game, in comparison with the cartoon, no famous, but fortunately, were perfectly copied from him, unlike many games based on something. In tribute to the cartoon and the history of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gets eighth place.

7. Mario Kart Double Dash!!

Since then, Mario first sat behind the wheel, players the Italian has become interesting not only as rescue princesses from castles but also as a racer. On the Nintendo GameCube, the game was released with a slight change of riders has doubled, we got two. One head — good, two … Indeed, control arms and wheel at the same time uncomfortable, for this and comes to the rescue the second pilot. Also, tactics began to play a more important role. You should choose your characters and cars to come earlier. Yes, this game does not deviate from the genre, which can not but rejoice.

6. The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker

In 2000 in Japan goes “the Legend of Zelda: Baton of wind”, the game has suffered some changes. For example, it was made with a focus on cartoon animation, unlike the previous games where there was a struggle between the “seriousness” of the drawing. The game takes place, several centuries after the events of “Ocarina of Time”. Link travels through a flooded Hyrule in order to free the Princess Zelda and Ganon to disarm. Speaking in General terms, the plot is intriguing and does not depart from history, and actually continues the storyline of “Ocarina of Time”. Should pay attention to the HD remake released on the Nintendo Wii. Where the graphics changed beyond recognition, made it brighter and juicier. The game has gained the recognition of the gaming community, and major gaming website GameSpot named it game of the year.

5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia released in 2003 was a revelation for its time. In what other game you can find as many special effects, stunts, exciting plot, nice music and easy gameplay are in the same place? The plot puts the player in medieval Persia, where the main character along with his father plans to capture the castle Indian Maharaja. Renegade vizier who have helped in this case, the Prince pursues his goal, but rather to capture the Dagger of time to manipulate the Sands of time. The plan of the vizier is broken, the Prince grabs the dagger. Meanwhile, people Shahraman take hourglass in order to present them as a gift to the Sultan of a neighboring Kingdom. On the advice visaria, the Prince sticks the dagger in the hours than free magic Sands of Time, which will turn father and numerous groups of soldiers in sand zombies. Now, Prince of Persia and the daughter of the Indian Maharaja Headlight roam the castle of the Sultan, with the aim to reach the hourglass and move the ago. The game is not ignored, so she made history and won many awards, chief of which was the love of the public.

4. Reisedent Evil 4

The fourth part Reisedent Evil were evaluated and were put above the first part, even in our top, the gap peaked at twelve positions. And, true, there is something to see: scary monsters, creepy atmosphere, plenty of weapons and blood, lots of blood – all the usual fan of horror! And yet, in some editions, the game came with a joystick, a stylized chainsaw – isn’t that cute? The story of the fourth part will occur six years after the second game. Secret cult kidnaps the daughter of the President of the United States, and the case goes to Leon Scott Kennedy, government agent. On arrival in a small rural village in Spain, Leon is surprised that the residents of some strange, bloodthirsty and monstrous, strange… At the time of July 2011, the sales of Resident Evil 4 on all platforms has reached the mark of 7.03 million copies, making it the best-selling series. And in 2012 the game was included in the Guinness book of World Records Gamer’s Edition as the best selling game in the genre of Survival Horror.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Third place is a game from the LoZ series, the second is in this top. Only this time, a more Mature, brutal and bleak. To make such an experimental step would have led either to failure or victory. Average is not given. In our opinion the game was fantastic fine. Especially, we can note the well-drawn graphics. The elder of the village, where he grew the young man link, asks the young hero to visit the castle of Hyrule. Link gladly accepted the invitation, not knowing that the earth is shrouded in darkness. In the Twilight Kingdom a young man transforms into a wolf and soon is captured. A girl named Miden, possessing magical powers, helps the Link and sent him to fight evil in the country. This reincarnation of “The Legend of Zelda” was perceived on “hurrah”, many gaming publications gave the title of “Best of game”. In January 2007 it was officially announced that the game exceeded 1 million copies.

2. Metroid Prime

Came close to the first Metroid Prime is the first game in the series, which was released in 3D. Driving the girl space-a military by the name of Samus Aran, the player will have to explore scientific and fantastic world. The plot evolves around the strange experiments of the space pirates on the planet of Tallon IV. If you write it as was seen the game is not enough for two articles, but nutshell: the players and critics were surprised. With a nice side, Metroid Prime became one of the top selling games on GameCube. In North America in 2002, Metroid Prime was on the second place by sales, after GTA: Vice City. For the first week sales of 250,000 copies of the game. Since then, America has sold about 1.49 million copies, which brought more than $ 50 million of income. But the fly in the ointment was the transition to 3D. Many critics believed that this transition could spoil the unique gameplay.

1. Super Smash Bros.

Melee If appears in the game Mario it to become famous, if link from LoZ, the game will appeal to the public, if Pikachu, the game will be nice, but if all together? To say that Super Smash Bros. Normal Melee fighting impossible. First, the number of characters more than usual – in the battle involved four characters simultaneously. Secondly, the player, dealing more damage, not always the winner. You can win by pushing the character off the map. The game received universal recognition from the public, irrevocably winning in the race of best-selling games on the GameCube, having sold, as of 2008, more than seven million copies.

Alas, this review is over, but he could go on and on. This is not a complete list of games on GameCube worthy of attention, there is more: Super Monkey Ball 2 Wave Race: Blue Storm, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes Kirby’s Air Ride, Pokemon Colosseum, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and many more that are not included in the list for some reason. Thank you for viewing this top, dear lovers of retro games!

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